The Chadmar Group

The Chadmar Group is a private, niche focused homebuilding and development company specializing in the creation and/or restoration of irreplaceable landmark buildings, resort destinations, high end luxury enclaves and neighborhoods throughout the Western U.S. Our approach is a tailored one, incorporating exceptional planning and design principles to ensure the highest level of authenticity and seamless community integration. We are solely focused on finding properties with unrealized potential and realizing that potential to create value. With offices in Los Angeles, Mammoth Lakes, Santa Barbara and Monterey, California, our ongoing commitment starts with exceptional quality and extends into the important details to create communities that capture the vision of town leaders and residents, earn the admiration of the real estate industry and inspire long term equity and debt partnerships with The Chadmar Group.

The Chadmar Group is Based in Santa Monica, California. Shown Here is One of Their First Hotel Properties, The Adolphus Hotel In Dallas, Texas Which Is An Historic Landmark